“Very obliging, friendly staff, we purchased a Reverse Osmosis system on a recommendation from my specialist as I had lead & mercury poisoning. I was at the end of lengthy treatment to get these metals out of my system. I had successfully substantially decreased my levels of mercury, but we couldn't get the rest of the lead out. My doctor suggested getting this water system, and not long after we had been using, my lead levels started to decrease, so it was quite obvious that the reverse osmosis was having a very positive effect on me! I am very grateful for this!”

– J Garner, New Plymouth

“We moved to a lifestyle block outside of New Plymouth where we initially drank water straight from the tank, we then had concerns about our water safety once realising it had some nasties in it (animal waste). Since installing a Whole House 3 Stage UV System and an Under Bench Water Filter, the water not only tastes better but it's completely safe too, it’s peace of mind especially with 2 small children and 2 pensioners living in our home. We recently cleared out our gutters and found 2 decaying birds. Without the UV system and Under Bench Water Filter in place, our loved ones would be drinking bits from these. Yuck!”

– A Blowfield, New Plymouth

"In a bid to save some money upon moving into a new house, I recently bought a so-thought bargain of a water filter online. Being pedantic about my water, I had purchased a 5 stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter system and, suspecting that your average plumber wouldn’t have even heard of RO system, called Aqua Filter to install it for me. This was the only good move I made in the deal. Their service was speedy, efficient and fairly priced too. But upon installation we realised that the system didn’t work. After several days of trying to rectify the problem without uninstalling the system, it finally had to be uninstalled and taken back to the shop to rebuild a system that wasn’t even one of their own.

By this time I’d gone a week without a my RO system and was relying on Aqua Filter to drop bottles of water to my house (another part of their service that is unparalleled in my experience) and had yet another couple of weeks to go while the rebuild could take place.

At the end of the day I have my RO system in and working like a dream, but I didn’t save any money and I wasted a lot of time and energy in the process. In the future I wouldn’t try cutting any corners in matters like this again. I was just lucky Aqua Filter stand by their customers to ensure they got good clean water. I am deeply grateful for their good nature, time and energy on this needless debacle.

Aqua Filter knows their equipment. They use good quality parts and purchase from reputable manufacturers – something you cannot guarantee when buying online which can end up costing you more in the long run. So many humble thank you’s to team at Aqua Filter for saving my dehydration!"

– K Cathie, New Plymouth

“I was well informed of the products available and made my decision accordingly. The system I had installed is marvelous and works great and it’s the best investment I have made in a while! I definitely will recommend Aqua Filter to everyone.”

-T Lorth, New Plymouth

“Very competitive pricing, friendly and pleasant to deal with, quick and efficient service.”

- B Bleyendaal, Whangarei

“Aqua Filter provide a very professional and personal service, we have had a relationship for a number of years and subsequently have appointed Aqua Filter as the preferred supplier of all Water Coolers and Servicing for the entire hospital”

- P Stanford, Gisborne

“Very professional, polite and knowledgeable…. nothing is too much trouble.”

- S Donovan, Palmerston North

“Good consistent supplier of products, any issues are sorted out straight away without hesitation…. products have proven to be very reliable”

- D Wilson, New Plymouth

“We acknowledge, with a high level of satisfaction, the customer and technical service we have received from Aqua Filter and we will seek to continue this relationship.”

- CEO Turanga Health, Gisborne


Homespring Product Testimonials

Water Source: Rain
Rain_DarrowsApplication: Residential
The Owners: Ross and Francis Darrow
District: Manukau
Region: Auckland

"After moving from the city out to our little lifestyle block, we were worried about the water quality being affected by bird droppings, sediments and pollen found on the roof and water tank. We replaced the under bench and external filters with one Homespring™ unit. Finally we feel relieved that safer, great tasting water is available at every tap in the house. We are very impressed with what Homespring™ removes and that healthy minerals remain in the water!"

Ross and Francis Darrow


Water Source: Bore Water
Application: Te Waotu School
District: Putaruru district
Region: Waikato

“Finally there is no more E.Coli found in our monthly water test. We enjoy the peace of mind that safer, healthy water is accessible throughout the whole school (including the swimming pool) for our children and the teachers. Besides the high water quality that the Homespring™ system provides, we are particularly happy that the system is well-built to clean itself daily, hence we are relaxed and don’t need to spend our valuable time on maintenance for the entire year.”

- Gary McMillian, Te Waotu School Board Member Te Waotu school enjoys the ultimate peace of mind