Water Source: Rain Tank
Application: Home


The purity of the rain tank water can be affected by animal droppings on the roof; as well as the pollen, dust, and sediment settled in the water tank.


The Aqua Central Water Purifier is now installed in the family’s pool pump room. The harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoan cysts, turbidity and organic chemicals in the tank water are physically removed before they flow through the rest of the home. Aq rewards the family with complete peace of mind and convenience by distributing safer, healthy and great tasting water to every tap in their home. It caters for all their household needs including drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry.


The risk of waterborne illness is minimized. The Aqua system physically removes 99.99999% of bacteria (E.Coli), 99.97% of viruses, protozoan cysts, and turbidity.

Hassle-free operation and maintenance-free. Automated daily self-cleaning of Aqua saves the family’s time and money spent on maintenance. Only annual servicing is required.

Minimizes the operating costs by using no electricity or chemicals, but only existing water pressure to filter naturally.

Effective consultation to draw customized installation plan and responsive on-going customer support.


“We built in an area where collecting rainwater was the sensible option. We wanted good tasting water and reassurance that contamination from bird and animal droppings was eliminated. Just attaching a water filter to the kitchen tap would have left everyone brushing their teeth with untreated water. Your Aqua whole-home system provides safe, great-tasting water from every tap.”

– David & Christine Clee