What is Manganese?

Manganese is a metal element that is found naturally in the ground. It is a trace element required for human metabolism. However at higher levels manganese is a neurotoxin.

It is very commonly found in ground water sources, usually alongside iron.

The New Zealand drinking water standards give a guideline value of 0.04mg/L for taste, staining and smell as well as a maximum acceptable value of 0.4mg/L to protect health.

How does manganese get into my water supply?

When water comes into contact with rocks containing manganese, it dissolves into the water.

What does manganese do?

When manganese precipitates from water it causes unsightly black staining, it can also block pipes and encourage bacterial growth.

It may also cause neurotoxic effects in humans at high levels.

How can I remove manganese from my water supply?

Water softeners can remove manganese. Otherwise, oxidation/filtration is effective.