Water Source: Bore Water
Application: Residential, Business


Dairy farmer Ken Chamberlain was concerned after a bore water test revealed the presence of E-Coli bacteria and turbidity. These can be indicators of faecal contamination, biological problems and the presence of particulates. Fonterra and the MAF D106 standard require farmers to use water free of E-Coli and with turbidity levels less than 5
NTU. The family worried about their health when drinking from the tap, cooking, brushing their teeth or having a shower.


The Chamberlain farm now has Aqua Central Water Purifier installed in the pump house. A line runs to the dairy shed to provide rinse water and drinking water that is treated for bacteria, viruses, cysts, and turbidity. A separate line runs to the main house to provide treated water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry. A third line runs out to the guest house. The whole family enjoys peace of mind knowing that the Aqua whole-house system is supplying safer, unlimited, great-tasting water at every tap.


Water treatment was a necessity for the dairy business to be Fonterra and MAF D106 compliant, but the entire family also benefits.

Risk of waterborne illness is reduced – the system physically removes 99.99999% of bacteria (E-Coli), 99.97% of viruses, cysts, particles, cloudiness (turbidity) and leave in natural salts and healthy minerals.

Gives a crisp, smooth, thirst-quenching taste of water at every tap in the home.

Automated daily self-cleaning of Aqua saves the family time and money spent with on-going maintenance. Only one service visit required per year.

Functions without continuous electrical supply –uses water pressure only to filter, no chemicals or UV rays.


“After the water test, we were very concerned about the E-Coli found in our water. Besides meeting the new water standard, I also want to look after my business, my family, and my workers by treating the water. Now thanks to Aqua I have reliable water in all of my buildings. We’re even thinking about experimenting with the cows’ water to see if we can increase production that way!”

– Ken Chamberlain